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  • Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Recall America’s Historical Shame

    If indigenous activists manage to block the building of an oil line they consider a threat to ancestral lands, their success will be one small measure of justice in a line of injustices going back to the founding of this nation. Related Entries A Progressive Political Revolution of Historic Importance Death to the Death Penalty in […]

  • Detained Undocumented Mothers Launch Hunger Strike, Vow to Leave ‘Alive or Dead’

    The women and their families at a Pennsylvania “residential center” have wound up on the cruel end of the Obama administration’s immigration policies, but they’re not accepting their treatment without a fight. Related Entries Poll: Do You Support Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution? Donald Trump’s Hot-Air […]

  • The Olympics Are a Colossal Waste and a Shameful Distraction

    Like most global sporting events, the international games divert us from the real work of solving societal ills, channel far too many resources away from human needs and amplify nationalist fervor and existing divides. Related Entries Bernie Sanders’ Next Revolution: a New National Group to Promote Progressives For Future Summer […]

  • Why Are Police So Afraid of Bold, Black Women Like Korryn Gaines?

    It is incredible that during this time of heightened public awareness of police brutality, officers continue to behave with impunity. Related Entries A Progressive Political Revolution of Historic Importance Death to the Death Penalty in California How Veterans Are Losing the War at Home […]

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  • Rising Up With Sonali On Free Speech TV!

    You may remember me from Uprising, a program that aired on FSTV about a year ago. I’m so excited to be debuting my new show ‘Rising Up With Sonali’ on Monday August 29th at 3 pm Pacific, 6 pm Eastern. Do tell your friends to tune in every weekday on FSTV at 3 pm Pacific,... […]

  • Black Lives Matter Movement Surges in Canada Over Police Killings

    FEATURING SYRUS MARCUS WARE – The Black Lives Matter movement was born here in the United States in the wake of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown’s killings. But it is now a global movement and our neighbors to the north are organizing powerfully under the banner of Black Lives Matter to […]

  • Graduate Students Win The Right to Unionize

    FEATURING JOSH EIDELSON – The National Labor Relations Board recently handed a major victory for graduate student workers, voting 3 to 1 to allow them to join unions. Student workers at public universities had already had that right, but for years, private school graduate students working as […]

  • Epipen Price Hike Sparks Outrage Over Healthcare System and Pharma Companies

    FEATURING ROBERT WEISSMAN – Outrage over the price of Epipen injectors has sparked national attention from the media and even from Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The epinephrine injections are widely used in emergencies to treat life-threatening anaphylaxis of the sort that children […]

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