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    • Congress Fails to Protect Dreamers as Deadline Looms

      FEATURING ARUN GUPTA – Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided several Los Angeles area businesses over a 5-day period in mid-February that resulted in 212 arrests. The raids are part of a significant ramping up of immigration enforcement under President Donald Trump and came at the same […]

    • Chinese Dissident Artist’s New Film Exposes Refugee Crisis

      FEATURING AI WEIWEI – The famed dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has taken on the most urgent humanitarian issues of our time: the global refugee crisis. In a new documentary called Human Flow, Ai Weiwei explores the human cost of war, violence, and climate change that has made refugees of […]

    • Israel Tries a Palestinian Teen Behind Closed Doors

      FEATURING HUWAIDA ARRAF- Seventeen-year old Ahed Tamimi and her mother – prominent Palestinian activists – are being tried in an Israeli court behind closed doors. The teenager, who was arrested when she was 16, has spent months in prison after being captured on video responding with […]

    • With ISIS In Retreat Why is the Syria War Expanding?

      FEATURING DR. STEPHEN ZUNES – Despite the fact that Islamic State forces have retreated, the complicated war in Syria appears to be expanding rather than wrapping up. The United States is under fire this week for an attack in Eastern Syria that at first reportedly killed about 100 Syrian […]

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