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  • Standing Firm in the Face of Violence

    With police killings of unarmed black men almost a weekly occurrence in the U.S., we must not let our trauma weaken our resolve to insist on—and organize for—racial justice. Related Entries Lester Holt’s Big Lie About the Commision on Presidential Debates Is a Root Problem of U.S. Politics Fact-Checking Clinton and […]

  • Inmates Launch Series of Work Stoppages to Protest ‘Slave Labor’

    The U.S. incarcerates the greatest number of people in the world, and most of them are expected to work inside the prisons that hold them, usually for well below minimum wage. Related Entries All We Want Is Dignity, Respect and a Job What Does Wal-Mart Have to Do With the 2016 Election? It Makes No Sense for Colin […]

  • This Election Is Hillary Clinton’s to Lose, and She’s Screwing It Up

    If the United States ends up with President Trump, the Democratic nominee and her party will have no one to blame but themselves for refusing to compromise their allegiances to Wall Street and morally bankrupt, center-right, establishment positions. Related Entries Lester Holt’s Big Lie About the Commision on Presidential Debates Is a Root Problem of U.S. […]

  • I Have Never Stood Up for the National Anthem—and Never Will

    No country is worth pledging blind allegiance to. Patriotism, nationalism, anthems, flags and syrupy words about “love of country” are constructs aimed at fostering unquestioning obedience from people lucky enough to be deemed citizens. Related Entries America the Great ... Police State America Has Two Types of Gun […]

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  • Green Party’s VP Candidate Reacts to First Presidential Debate

    FEATURING AJAMU BARAKA – Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off on Monday night at Hofstra University in New York for the first of a handful of debates ahead of the election. The highly anticipated event was the first time the two had debated one another and it was […]

  • After More Than 50 Years of War, Colombia Signs Peace Deal

    FEATURING JENNIFER MCCOY – Colombia’s president Juan Manual Santos signed an historic peace deal with rebel leader Rodrigo Londoño, aka Timochenko on Monday. The accord comes more than 50 years after Colombia plunged into political violence. Monday’s signing ceremony took […]

  • Disney’s ‘Queen of Katwe’ Defies Some Stereotypes, Reinforces Others

    FEATURING STEPHANIE ABRAHAM – Those of us tired of watching Disney movies that focus on lily white characters, real or animated, may be excited about the major studio’s latest release, Queen of Katwe starring Academy award winning Lupita N’yongo and Oscar nominee David Oyewolo. It […]

  • Charlotte Joins Growing List of Rebellions Over Police Killings

    FEATURING ROSA CLEMENTE – Authorities in Charlotte, North Carolina, have just released portions of video from dashcam and bodycam footage of the fatal police killing of Keith Lamont Scott. Critics are demanding the police release all available footage. The video shows Scott stepping backwards […]

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