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  • Mexico Reels From Second Deadly Earthquake

    FEATURING LAURA CARLSEN – Mexico City and its surrounding areas are reeling from a massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck on Tuesday. This happened less than 2 weeks after an 8.1 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico killing more than 100 people. Dozens of buildings have been destroyed in the […]

  • St. Louis Protests: Police Abuse Still Rampant, BLM Still Active

    FEATURING JODY ARMOUR – The city of St. Louis, Missouri is the latest flashpoint in the national debate over police brutality and a lack of accountability in the criminal justice system. Last Friday September 15th, Jason Stockley, the white police officer facing first degree murder charges in […]

  • Trump Threatens to “Totally Destroy North Korea” at UN

    FEATURING PHYLLIS BENNIS – President Donald Trump has provoked the ire of the international community with his fiery speech on Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly where he threatened to “totally destroy North Korea.” He started out on Monday morning with an innocuous […]

  • GOP’s Last-Ditch Obamacare Repeal Bill, Worse Than Before?

    FEATURING DR. CAROL A. PARIS – Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy have introduced yet another attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, this time focused on giving money to states to start their own healthcare exchanges. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell has asked the […]

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