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  • Defiant Trump Rallies Base in Phoenix While Thousands Protest

    FEATURING MARIA CASTRO – Thousands of activists gathered outside a campaign-style rally by Donald Trump on Tuesday evening in Phoenix, Arizona. Inside the Phoenix Convention Center members of Trump’s base gathered to hear the President give a defiant speech totaling more than an hour […]

  • An Argument For Non-Violence in the Face of Nazis and Fascists

    FEATURING ANTONIA JUHASZ – At a campaign-style rally in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday night, Donald Trump denounced the protesters gathered outside saying, “They show up in the helmets and the black masks and they’ve got clubs, they’ve got everything.” He added, […]

  • Trump Contradicts Himself, Promises Afghan War Escalation

    FEATURING EMRAN FEROZ – Donald Trump finally unveiled his long-anticipated plan for the Afghanistan war on Monday evening. After considering a variety of plans from troop withdrawal to privatizing the war, Trump settled on what military generals have been pushing for and what he himself […]

  • Trump Betrays Consumers In Favor of Predatory Lenders, Gun Sellers

    FEATURING DAVID DAYEN – Donald Trump’s Justice Department has quietly ended a consumer protection program that the Obama Administration had put into place and that had been proven to work. Operation Choke Point was meant to protect bank account holders from dubious and fraudulent […]

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